We welcomed another of the great talents from Oakland California's Hoodslam to the podcast this week. Rick Scott and Scott Rick AKA The Stoner Brothers have been at the pro wrestling game for many years. They are some of the biggest stars on the independents and from up and coming independent Hoodslam. Listen to The Stoner Brothers talk about Hoodslam and themselves on this week's episode of the show. Also, Doc Turner is absent from today's show but that did not stop Mike and Hardbody Harper from having a good time as they addressed your twitter and Facebook questions/topics on this week's episode of the show. Follow us on Twitter @Mike504Saints and @BTT_Podcast. Also, like us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/BookingTheTerritory and thank you to everyone who enjoys and supports the podcast!

Long time independent pro wrestler John Saxon is this week's guest on the show. John Saxon and Mike go way back during their time on the independents from the mid 1990's. John talks a little about how he got started in pro wrestling along with what he is up to these days on the independent scene. Mike, Doc Turner, and Hardbody Harper talk about the last week in professional wrestling while addressing your facebook and twitter comments and questions. Follow us on Twitter @BTT_Podcast and @Mike504Saints. Also check us out on Facebook.com/BookingTheTerritory

This week's Hardbody Harper, Mike, and Doc Turner all talk about the week that was in pro wrestling with tons of talk about the WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament that just kicked off this week on WWE Raw Monday November 9. After the boys talk about your thoughts on the tournament and all the other wrestling news from this week, Ruby Raze from Santino Brothers Wrestling Dojo in California stops by to talk to Mike before her Wildkat Sports debut on November 14. Follow us on Twitter @BTT_podcast and @Mike504Saints. Also give us a like on facebook at www.Facebook.com/BookingTheTerritory. And thank you for supporting the show!!!!

Former member of the No Limit Soldiers Big Swoll Randy Thornton joined the BTT Podcast this week for part 2 of Mike's discussion with him about his time in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Also on the show, Mike, Doc Turner, and Hardbody Harper from Wildkat Sports and Entertainment address your twitter and facebook questions from this week in the world of professional wrestling. Follow us on Twitter @BTT_Podcast and @Mike504Saints. Also like us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/BookingTheTerritory. Subscribe and review us on iTunes, Podbean, or Stitcher! Thanks for listening fans.

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