Keith Lee is our guest this week. He talks about his Beyond Wrestling and Limitless wrestling debuts coming the weekend of May 28-29, 2016. We also talk about a bunch of non-wrestling related topics with Keith as we always like to do with all of our guests on the show.

Hardbody Harper from Wildkat Sports, Mike, and Doc also discuss RAW, WWE Extreme Rules, and all of the other wrestling news from the week. Enjoy the show, retweet it/share it on Twitter/Facebook and help us spread the word. We appreciate you tuning in each and every week to Booking The Territory.

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Bu Ku Dao from Wildkat Sports and Entertainment was this week's guest.

After our discussion with Bu Ku Dao, Mike, Hardbody Harper, and Doc discuss RAW, ROH, TNA, and WWE Extreme Rules coming this Sunday May 22, 2016. We also discuss your emails and tweets sent into the inbox!

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This week Mike was joined by John Mantell from the professional wrestling hall of fame in Wichita Falls, TX. John talks about the upcoming Hall of Fame inductions on on May 20 and 21. John also talks about the history of professional wrestling and what they are looking to accomplish with the hall.

Mike, Doc, and Hardbody Harper also discuss the past week in the world of professional wrestling. They talk about WWE, ROH, and TNA from the past week and give their thoughts on what they liked and didn't like.

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Former WWE star and Nexus member Michael Tarver / Tyrone Evans is a guest on this special edition of Booking The Territory. We discuss his new music project as an independent artist and plenty of discussion about Ryback's recent comments towards the WWE and the release of Damian Sandow and Wade Barrett who is his former Nexus teammate.

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Nothing more needs to be said other than we were lucky to land former TNA/Impact Wrestling & current WWE NXT star Eric Young on this week's episode of the show! Eric discusses many of his stories from his time in TNA/Impact Wrestling with us and he touches on NXT.

Doc, Mike, and Hardbody Harper review WWE Payback, RAW, and TNA news from the last week. Follow us on twitter @BTT_Podcast and like us on facebook at

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