Segment 1: Mike and Doc discuss the top 5 bookers/match makers of all time based on their opinions and thoughts from growing up watching the pro wrestling territories flourish in the late 70s and early 80s.

Segment 2 (1 hour 5 minute in): Jerry Bostic from the Imperial Wrestling Revolution joins the show to discuss Oklamania and Oklacon coming up Jul 16 and 17 in Shawnee and Oklahoma City, OK.

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Segment 1: This week we change things up and talk to the Great Brian Last from the 605 Superpodcast and the Jim Cornette Experience on MLW radio. Brian and Mike talk classic wrestling and the territories that they grew up watching.

Segment 2: Harper is out this week so Doc and Mike discuss their top 5 wrestlers that they would hire if they were starting a wrestling promotion.

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Kevin Gill from the Kevin Gill Show is our guest this week on the BTT Podcast. Thanks again Kevin for joining the show and talking some time to talk it up with us.

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We are joined this week by Aiden O'Shea from TNA / Impact Wrestling. 

After Mike's discussion with Aiden O'Shea, the BTT Podcast guys talk about Ali's passing, RAW, ROH from this week, and give their quick picks on TNA's upcoming Slammiversary PPV.

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Tonight marks the one year anniversary of Booking The Territory being on the air and we have brought back a guest that our listeners loved the first time around and he is Ring of Honor star Donovan Dijak. Donovan and Mike discuss his go fund me campaigns, Beyond Wrestling, Imperial Wrestling Revolution's upcoming Oklamania in July, and a hosts of other topics.

Mike, Doc, and Hardbody Harper discuss the good news about Wildkat Sports and Entertainment's TV deal in New Orleans, WWE RAW, Smackdown moving to Tuesday night's live July 19, and they discuss the emails sent into

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Special thanks again to Donovan Dijak for giving his time and coming on the show again!
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