On this week’s episode of the show, Mike, Doc, and Hardbody Harper talk:
On this week's episode of the show featuring our discussion with Kenny StarMaker Bolin Mike and Doc discuss:
  • The 605 Superuniverse that we have become big time fans of.
  • The WWE Draft Tuesday night July 19.
  • Upcoming WWE PPV Battleground.
  • Ring of Honor upcoming contracts that are up in December
  • Upcoming Smoky Mountain Podcast that BTT is unveiling
  • StarMaker Bolin Conversation (minute mark 1:04:22)
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Nate Milton from Live Audio Wrestling's Keep It 100 joins the show. We talk Final Deletion and Smackdown going live July 19!

Doc, Mike, and Hardbody Harper rank the top 5 wrestlers from the 1980s from their perspective and give shoutouts to the twitter followers who have been tweeting the show.
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We bring on two great guests on this week's episode. In segment 1 we're talking to The Great Brian Last from the 605 Superpodcast and The Jim Cornette Experience on MLW radio. We touch on some interesting topics related to what if WCCW went national with the Von Erichs at their height of popularity and what if WWF/WWE went out of business while WCW stayed in business with their terrible corporate leadership. Would Vince have ended up owning WCW?

During segment 2 Mike talks to The Kingpin Brian Milonas as they talk about a hosts of wrestling topics including the school he came from with Killer Kowalski and when he got to work with Cena and Vince McMahon on an indy show years ago.
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Segment 1: Hardbody Harper returns to the show this week. We talk briefly about:

  • Wildkat Sports XX-rated show last weeked
  • The wrestling news from the last week
  • We close out segment 1 talk about the top 5 promo and talkers of all time in the wrestling business.
Segment 2: Mike talks to Matt Topolski about the brand split between Smackdown going live and RAW. Mike and Matt recorded this about a month ago when the news first broke at the end of May.
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Independent pro wrestler Brent McKenzie is a guest on this special edition of the podcast today on July 2, 2016. Brent is discussing the incident between he and former TNA/Impact Wrestling star Shawn Hernandez that took place June 25, 2016 at an independent wrestling show where he and Hernandez got into a fight. The video has made the rounds on social media and you can clearly see what happened but Brent tells what led to this confrontation on this special edition of the show.

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