This week's topics include:

WWE - Please Do Not Buy TNA
WWE Ratings vs TNA ratings
February 1996 Article from Wade Keller and the PW Torch
Top 5 Current Guys In Wrestling Today
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This week, Mike and Doc discuss, recap, and review Smoky Mountain Wrestling episode 4 that aired on February 22, 1992! 

This week’s topics include:
Top 5 Most Mishandled Wrestlers by WWE of all time
TNA Impact thoughts and what we think about Vince possibly buying TNA
Interview with NWA World Champion Godzilla Jax Dane.

We bring in a special guest for this week's show. We welcomed in The Great Brian Last from the 605 Superpodcast and The Jim Cornette Experience on MLW Radio to have an in depth background discussion with us about Smoky Mountain Wrestling. We also cover episode 3 that aired February 15, 1992!



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This week’s topics include:
  • Delete or Decay and TNA
  • CM Punk’s fight in UFC 203
  • Justin Roberts Comments on Triple H.
  • Top 5 Wrestlers to Never Win a World Title
  • Rasche Brown and The Manimal join the show
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This week's show topics:

  • We apologize but we hate WWE these days and we discuss why.
  • We love TNA
  • Our Top 5 Most Overrate Wrestlers of All Time!
  • Sammy Guevara Interview
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This week's topics include:
A long discussion with James Beard about Bruiser Brody and Terry Bam Bam Gordy
The top 5 managers of all time.
Kevin Owens wins the WWE Universal Title
ROH discussion

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