March 26, 2020

BONUS EPISODE! Dr. Blassie Returns! We Talk Coronavirus, AEW, WWE, NWA Powerr, Empty Arena Wrestling, No Circle Circle Dot Dot, Mae Young Final 2017, and more!

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This special BONUS episode time stamps are as follows:

  • Dr. Disrespectfully Classie Marc E Blassie Talks Coronavirus. ( 0:01:08 ) 
  • Dr. Blassie and Mike Talk AEW, RAW, SD, and NWA Powerrr. ( 0:25:45 ) 
  • Dr. Blassie and Harper Can't Do Circle Circle Dot Dot These Days! ( 0:40:50 ) 
  • Current Empty Arena Wrestling and We Complain About Current Wrestling! ( 0:42:25 ) 
  • Triple H Got A Demotion and We Don't Care Enough to Care. ( 0:52:35 ) 
  • Why Are We Discussing the Mae Young Blassic Final from 2017? ( 0:56:03 )

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