August 21, 2021

BONUS SHOW: Luke Hawx Returns and Talks Heels On Starz with Hardbody Harper and Mike

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Long time friend and supporter of BTT Luke Hawx returns to the show this week to talk about the new show Heels on Starz! Luke was the Wrestling Coordinator for the show throughout the first season. Luke, Harper, and Mike discuss the following:

  • Opening Shenanigans and Wrestling at Tad Gormley Stadium in New Orleans in 2001. ( 0:01:08 ) 
  • Heels on Starz discussion starts. ( 0:11:42 ) 
  • Luke Hawx's thoughts on Cornette being asked to be the wrestling coordinator on Heels. ( 0:14:35 ) 
  • Hawx talks how he became the Wrestling Coordinator on Heels. ( 0:18:34 ) 
  • Hawx's thoughts on Alexander Ludwig's performance on Heels. ( 0:23:32 ) 
  • Hawx's thoughts on former Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison being on Heels. ( 0:26:35 )
  • Questions from the BTT Facebook Group about Heels and other misc. ( 0:29:05 ) 
  • Luke talks how it was working with CM Punk on Heels and when he first met CM Punk years ago. ( 0:31:07 ) 
  • The Upcoming XPW and Canyon episodes of Dark Side of the Ring that Luke will be on in the Fall of 2021. ( 0:32:54 ) 
  • How come they say "Script" so much on Heels. ( 0:34:21 ) 
  • Is Mike O Malley a wrestling ? ( 0:38:16 ) 
  • Question from Doc: Hey, Luke aka Champ why wasn't Harper on Heels. ( 0:39:25 ) 
  • It's not an episode of BTT unless Harper and Luke bring up cranking? ( 0:40:42 ) 
  • C'mon Champ: Only Harper is allowed to pee on air. ( 0:46:42 ) 
  • When is the Darren the Dman returning? ( 0:54:10 ) 
  • Darren tells a KISS Story that Javorsky might die listening to? ( 1:04:23 )
  • All of that and more on another ridiculous and shenanigans filled BONUS episode of BTT!

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