March 16, 2016

Kenny StarMaker Bolin from the Jim Cornette Experience and the Bolin Alley (Part 2)

On part 2 with Kenny StarMaker Bolin we discuss with StarMaker (49:50 mark):

  • Bolin’s take on the Titus O’neil situation in WWE
  • What does StarMaker think about Total Divas.
  • What’s with all the egos in professional wrestling.
  • He gives his honest assessment of the current state of OVW.
  • What does StarMaker really think of Jim Cornette’s booking and if he is a true wrestling genius or not.
  • For you TNA fans that remember the Aces and 8’s gimmick in TNA years ago and who ripped it off (The answer may surprise you).
  • What does StarMaker think about Jim Cornette (at the time of the recording, Jim has since broke 100k) approaching 100k twitter followers.
  • And what does he think about Cornette struggling to keep a cohost.
Weekly news and review segment 0-49:50 minute mark with Doc Turner, Mike Mills, and Wildkat Sports' Hardbody Harper.

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