April 9, 2021

NWA Sat Night on TBS Recap Dec 2, 1989! Ric Flair promises a big surprise for next week’s show?!?!?!?!

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This week's Time Stamps for our NWA Saturday Night on TBS recap from December 2, 1989 review are as follows:

  • Opening Shenanigans! New show on the Patreon feed! ( 0:01:08 ) 
  • New Patreon member shoutouts! And become a Patreon member at https://www.patreon.com/BookingTheTerritory , ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE. SAVE 10% WHEN SIGNING UP FOR THE YEAR! ( 0:04:35 ) 
  • Modern Day Wrestling Rant. ( 0:05:28 ) 
  • New 5-star review! Submit a review and we will shout you out on air. ( 0:09:25 )
  • NWA Saturday Night on TBS Recap from December 2, 1989! ( 0:09:55 ) 
  • Rolex and Rating Time! ( 1:25:03 )  
  • Sullivan as a commentator, Cornette as a heel commentator, and Roman Reigns criticism. ( 1:34:29 ) 
  • Patreon Spotlight with Jeff Jewett. ( 1:39:51 ) 

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