January 15, 2021

NWA Sat Night on TBS Recap Sept 9, 1989! Only 13 minutes? Plus, we revisit Ron Wright’s USA Championship Wrestling promo from Knoxville in the Summer of 1988!

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This week's Time Stamps for our NWA Saturday Night on TBS recap from September 9, 1989 review are as follows:

  • Opening Shenanigans, Doc skipped the vaccine line, and it's Harper's birthday month! ( 0:01:08 ) 
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  • Doc loves telling lies and Mike is drinking beer Bubba! ( 0:08:57 ) 
  • Doc's football season ended January 3 and now he's full of excuses. And what did Harper get for Christmas? ( 0:17:09 ) 
  • NWA Saturday Night on TBS Recap from September 9, 1989! ( 0:22:30 ) 
  • Rolex and Rating Time or maybe not! ( 0:49:16 ) 
  • Ron Wright's Nazi Flag Promo in Ron Fuller's USA Wrestling from the summer of 1988. ( 0:51:23 ) 
  • Javorsky is about to crank a major one! His head coach tested positive for Covid! ( 1:16:35 ) 

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