January 19, 2018

NWA WCW Saturday Night on TBS Oct 11 1986, Dutch Mantell aka Zeb Colter angle and the President (Non-Political Talk), and Patron Winner of the Quarter @NaturalHacksaw

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  • Show Show Open and BTT Shenanigans (0:01:00).
  • Doc's Spotlight Listeners of the Week (0:05:24).
  • Non-Political Talk - The President Weighs 239 lbs and Why That's a Rasslin Moment (0:07:57).
  • New Patron Shoutouts (0:10:15).
  • NWA WCW Review and Recap October 11, 1986. (0:12:40).
  • Ric Flair Promo from NWA Worldwide October 11, 1986 (1:11:37).
  • Promos of the Week from Dutch Mantell - (1:14:32).
  • Patron Winner of the Quarter - Jesse aka @Natural Hacksaw on Twitter (1:34:48).

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