February 16, 2017

The Top 5 Successful Football Player Turned Pro Wrestlers Episode, Classic Moment From The Rod Price and One Man Gang Interview, and Listener Emails!

Time stamps for this week's episode and topics are below:

  • Twitter and FB Shoutouts (00:05:30)
  • ICW Outlaws of Wrestling and Old School Wrestling Lives (00:12:05)
  • Top 15 Wrestlers Who Allegedly Slept With A Coworkers Partner (00:28:30)
  • Do We Criticize WCW Enough? Email from Steven (00:40:25)
  • Is Tony Schiavone a greater podcasting heel than Doc Turner? (00:45:40)
  • Would a 6:05pm ET time slot in today's current wrestling environment be successful (00:48:00)
  • Steve Austin's comments on PrimeTime Brian Lee on a recent Stone Cold episode (00:50:32)
  • Kevin Sullivan's Thoughts on Sinclair Broadcasting Not Helping Out ROH (00:52:40)
  • Denim Fritz Tweets from @DenimFritz605 (00:55:18)
  • Historical Top 10's from old PWI from January 1993 (00:58:39)
  • This week's Top 5 Professional Football Players Turned Successful Pro Wrestlers (01:07:28)
  • Classic BTT Moment, One Man Gang has his leg broken by RVD and Rod Price has to use a Kotex pad on his head to stop bleeding one night in ECW (01:37:32)
  • Jim Cornette Explains What a Hoe is (01:54:04)

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